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Church’s Texas Chicken Menu & Prices in USA 2023

Church’s Texas Chicken Menu & Prices in USA

Church’s Texas Chicken is serving fast food in USA since 1952 and here you can find all the items in their menu from sandwiches to tenders to apple pies and their prices.

This menu and the prices are updated to match with the latest prices in USA as of October 4th, 2023.

Most Popular

Menu ItemPrice
3 Piece Combo$14.15
6 Piece Chicken$23.99
18 Piece Chicken Meal$57.5
5 Piece Tenders$14.39
Half-Gallon Drinks$5.49

Chicken Sandwich

Menu ItemPrice
Chicken Sandwich Combo$7.99
Spicy Chicken Sandwich$4.99
Spicy Chicken Sandwich Combo$7.99
Chicken Sandwich$4.99

Original Real Meal Combos

Menu ItemPrice
3 Piece Combo$14.15
5 Piece Tenders$14.39
Chicken Sandwich Combo$7.99

Spicy Real Meal Combos

Menu ItemPrice
3 Piece Spicy Combo$14.15
Spicy Chicken Sandwich Combo$7.99
5 Piece Spicy Tenders$14.39

Original Family Value Meals

Menu ItemPrice
6 Piece Chicken$23.99
10 Piece Tenders$28.79
12 Piece Chicken$35.99
18 Piece Chicken Meal$57.5
Feed 4 Family Feast$45.59
16 Piece Tenders$43.19
Feed 6 Family Feast$55.99
24 Piece Tenders Meal$57.59

Spicy Family Value Meals

Menu ItemPrice
6 Piece Spicy Chicken$23.99
12 Piece Spicy Chicken$35.99
Spicy Feed 4 Family Feast$45.59
Spicy Feed 6 Family Feast$55.99
10 Piece Spicy Tenders$28.79
18 Piece Spicy Chicken Meal$57.5
16 Piece Spicy Tenders$43.19
24 Piece Spicy Tenders Meal$57.59

Homestyle Sides

Menu ItemPrice
Jalapeño Cheese Bombers®$4.11
Mashed Potatoes$3.79
Baked Mac & Cheese$4.11
Cole Slaw$3.79
Fried Okra$4.11

Sweet Treats

Menu ItemPrice
Frosted Honey-Butter Biscuits (4)$6.99
Apple Pie (1)$2.39
Apple Pies (4)$8.49
Frosted Honey-Butter Biscuits (8)$10.99


Menu ItemPrice
Half Gallon of Church’s Southern Sweet Tea®$5.29
Coke® (30 oz.)$2.99
Fanta® Strawberry (30 oz.)$2.99
Sprite® (30 oz.)$2.99
Half Gallon of Minute Maid® Lemonade$5.49
Minute Maid® Lemonade (30 oz.)$2.99
Hi-C® Flashin’ Fruit Punch (30 oz.)$2.99
Half Gallon of Hi-C® Flashin’ Fruit Punch$5.49

Most Popular items on Church’s Texas Chicken Menu

Chicken Sandwich Combo

First on the list is the classic Chicken Sandwich Combo. It’s no surprise that this sandwich is a fan favorite, with its perfectly seasoned and juicy chicken breast filet, served on a toasted bun with crisp lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise. And let’s not forget the golden fries and refreshing drink that complete the meal.

5 Piece Chicken Tenders

Next up, we have the 5 Piece Chicken Tenders. These tender strips of chicken are seasoned and breaded to perfection, and they come with a choice of dipping sauce. Whether you prefer sweet and tangy honey mustard or spicy buffalo sauce, these tenders are sure to satisfy your cravings.

Spicy Chicken Sandwich Combo

If you’re looking for a little more kick in your sandwich, then the Spicy Chicken Sandwich Combo is the way to go. With the same crispy chicken breast filet, but with a spicy kick from the jalapeño peppers and spicy mayonnaise, this sandwich is sure to wake up your taste buds.

12 Piece Chicken Family Meal

For those feeding a crowd, the 12 Piece Chicken Family Meal is the perfect choice. This meal comes with 12 pieces of Church’s famous fried chicken, four biscuits, and two large sides of your choice. Whether you’re feeding a hungry family or hosting a game night with friends, this meal is sure to please everyone.

Mashed Potatoes

No southern-style meal is complete without some creamy mashed potatoes. Church’s mashed potatoes are made with real potatoes and a signature blend of seasonings that make them a customer favorite.

Jalapeño Cheese Bombers®

If you’re looking for a spicy appetizer, the Jalapeño Cheese Bombers® are a must-try. These crispy fried bites are filled with spicy jalapeño peppers and melted cheddar cheese, making them the perfect snack to share with friends.

Apple Pie

And for dessert, Church’s offers a classic Apple Pie that’s made with crisp, tart apples and a buttery, flaky crust. It’s the perfect end to any meal.

FAQs on Church’s Texas Chicken Menu in USA

What are the opening hours of Church’s Texas Chicken in USA?

Church’s Texas Chicken restaurants are open from 10.30am to 10pm in USA.

What is the cheapest item on Church’s Texas Chicken menu in USA?

The cheapest item on Church’s Texas Chicken menu is 24 Piece Tenders Meal for $57.59

What is the most expensive item on Church’s Texas Chicken menu in USA?

The most expensive item on Church’s Texas Chicken menu is Apple Pie for $2.39

About Church’s Texas Chicken

Church’s Texas Chicken has a rich history that dates back to 1952 when it was founded by George W. Church Sr. in San Antonio, Texas. The restaurant was initially called Church’s Fried Chicken To Go, and it quickly gained a reputation for its delicious fried chicken and sides. As the popularity of Church’s grew, the restaurant began to expand throughout Texas and eventually across the United States and the world. Today, Church’s can be found in over 25 countries, serving up their signature crispy fried chicken to millions of customers each year.

Over the years, Church’s has continued to evolve and innovate, introducing new menu items and adapting to changing tastes and trends. In 2016, the restaurant underwent a major rebranding, changing its name from Church’s Chicken to Church’s Texas Chicken and updating its logo and design to better reflect its southern roots.

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Alternatives to Church’s Texas Chicken in USA

Are you a fan of Church’s Texas Chicken but looking for some alternatives to mix things up? Luckily, there are plenty of other fast food chains out there that offer their own spin on southern-style chicken and sides. Here are just a few to consider:

  1. One of the most popular alternatives to Church’s is Popeye’s. This Louisiana-style fast food chain is known for its crispy fried chicken and buttery biscuits, as well as its spicy Cajun-inspired sides like red beans and rice and jambalaya. If you’re looking for a bit of heat with your meal, Popeye’s is the way to go.
  2. Another classic fast food chain that’s been around for decades is KFC, or Kentucky Fried Chicken. While KFC’s menu has evolved over the years to include new items like chicken sandwiches and bowls, their original recipe fried chicken is still the star of the show. And with over 20,000 locations worldwide, you’re never far from a KFC.
  3. For those who like to keep things simple, Raising Cane’s is a great option. This fast food chain focuses exclusively on chicken fingers, offering a limited but delicious menu of crispy fried tenders, Texas toast, and crinkle-cut fries. And with their famous Cane’s sauce for dipping, you won’t miss the traditional fried chicken offerings.
  4. If you’re looking for some southern-style sides to accompany your chicken, Bojangles is a great choice. This fast food chain serves up crispy fried chicken alongside biscuits, mac and cheese, dirty rice, and other classic southern sides. And with their famous sweet tea, you’ll have the perfect drink to wash it all down.
  5. Finally, if you’re in the mood for some chicken wings instead of traditional fried chicken, Wingstop is the way to go. This fast food chain offers a variety of sauces and seasonings to choose from, whether you prefer classic buffalo or something a bit more adventurous like garlic parmesan or lemon pepper.

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