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Welcome to Jen’s Food Dairy!

Hi, I’m Jen Summerlin. Join me as I traverse the country, one forkful at a time, sharing my food adventures, unforgettable dining experiences, and mouthwatering discoveries. From bustling city eateries to charming hometown diners, no culinary stone shall be left unturned in my quest to bring you the most delicious, the most intriguing, and the most memorable bites.

Whether you’re a fellow foodie seeking recommendations, a traveler looking for the perfect dining spot, or simply someone who enjoys a good food story, this is the place to be. Welcome to my food diary, where I document the flavors, the people, and the moments that make every meal an extraordinary memory. Let’s eat our way through the USA together!

My Favorite Restaurants by Cuisine


Fiery Nashville Hot Chicken has my heart for its mouthwatering blend of spice and comfort. Every visit is a flavorful journey through American cuisine that never fails to satisfy!


Carrabba’s has effortlessly captured my heart as my favorite Italian restaurant. Its enchanting combination of authentic flavors and warm ambiance has me returning time and time again.


Abuelo’s is my top pick for Mexican cuisine because their dishes are a delicious blend of tradition and innovation. From the sizzling fajitas to flavorful salsas, every visit is a fiesta for the taste buds!

Middle Eastern

The Halal Guys are my go-to for Arabian cuisine. Their iconic platters are a flavor explosion, and the legendary white sauce is pure magic. It’s a taste of the Middle East in every bite!


Hutchins BBQ is my ultimate BBQ haven. Their smoky, tender meats and finger-licking-good sauces are simply unbeatable. Every visit is a carnivore’s dream come true, and the folks there make it feel like home!


Bulla Gastrobar holds my heart for Spanish cuisine. The vibrant tapas, paella bursting with flavors, and sangria that transports me to Spain, all in an inviting atmosphere – it’s a Spanish fiesta every time!


Manpuku Japanese Yakiniku Grill is my Japanese cuisine haven. The sizzling grill, marbled Wagyu, and DIY yakiniku experience are pure delight. It’s an authentic taste of Japan, right here!


Bonchon Chicken is my Korean cuisine go-to. Their crispy, Korean-style fried chicken is pure magic, and the savory sauces make it a flavor adventure. It’s the ultimate comfort food!


Half Shells is my seafood sanctuary. With their ocean-fresh catches and a laid-back ambiance, every meal feels like a coastal getaway. From succulent crab to buttery lobster, it’s a seafood lover’s dream!

Feel free to contact me with your suggestions

I’m always eager to discover new culinary gems and expand my food diary. If you have a restaurant recommendation, a hidden local treasure, or a must-try cuisine, I’d love to hear from you! Your suggestions are what make this food exploration so exciting and diverse. Don’t hesitate to reach out and share your dining adventures or propose the next delicious stop on my journey.