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Bojangles Menu & Prices in USA 2023

Bojangles Menu & Prices in USA

Bojangles is serving fast food in USA since 1977 and here you can find all the items in their menu from sandwiches to biscuits to fixins and their prices.

This menu and the prices are updated to match with the latest prices in USA as of October 4th, 2023.


Menu ItemPrice
Bo’s Chicken Sandwich Combo$10.36
Bo’s Chicken Sandwich$6.86
Grilled Chicken Sandwich Combo$10.99
Bojangler Sandwich Combo$10.99
Bojangler Sandwich$10.99

Biscuit Meals

Menu ItemPrice
Cajun Chicken Filet Biscuit Combo$8.74
Southern Gravy Biscuit Combo$7.49
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit Combo$8.11
Steak Biscuit Combo$8.11
Sausage Egg & Cheese Biscuit Combo$8.11
Country Ham Biscuit Combo$7.99
Egg & Cheese Biscuit Combo$8.11
Sausage Biscuit Combo$7.74
Sausage & Egg Biscuit Combo$7.74

Family Meals

Menu ItemPrice
8pc Chicken Meal$33.11
12pc Chicken Meal$44.99
20pc 8 Chicken & 12 Chicken Supremes Meal$54.36
12pc Chicken Supremes Meal$54.36
20pc Chicken Meal$54.36
12pc 4 Chicken & 8 Chicken Supremes Meal$39.36
8pc Chicken Box$62.49


Menu ItemPrice
3pc Leg & 2 Thighs$10.36
2pc Breast & Wing$10.86
2pc Leg & Thigh$8.74
3 Wings$8.74

Individual Biscuits

Menu ItemPrice
Cajun Chicken Filet Biscuit$5.24
Southern Gravy Biscuit$3.99
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit$4.61
Steak Biscuit$4.61
Country Ham Biscuit$4.61
Sausage Biscuit$4.49
Sausage Egg & Cheese Biscuit$4.24
Egg & Cheese Biscuit$2.99
Sausage & Egg Biscuit$2.99

Kid’s Meals

Menu ItemPrice
2pc Chicken Supremes Kids’ Meal$6.24
Chicken Leg Kids’ Meal$6.24
Mac n’ Cheese Kids’ Meal$6.24


Menu ItemPrice
Bo-Tato Rounds®$9.99
Bo Fries$6.24
Macaroni & Cheese$6.24
Dirty Rice®$6.24
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy$6.24
Pimento Cheese Spread Tub$6.24
Cajun Pintos®$6.24
Cole Slaw$6.24


Menu ItemPrice
Legendary Iced Tea® Sweet$3.49
Simply Orange$2.49
Mtn Dew$2.49
Chocolate Milk (Low-fat)$2.49
Diet Pepsi$2.49
Legendary Iced Tea® Unsweet$2.49
Tropicana Pink Lemonade$2.49
Premium Coffee$2.49


Menu ItemPrice
Bo-Berry Biscuit®$2.36
Sweet Potato Pie$2.36


Menu ItemPrice
Honey Mustard$0.44
BBQ Sauce$0.44
New Creamy Buffalo Sauce$0.44

Most Popular items on Bojangles Menu

Bojangles is a southern-style fast-food chain that has been serving up delicious food for over 40 years. With a focus on made-from-scratch biscuits and flavorful chicken, it’s no wonder that these items are some of the most popular on the menu.

Bo’s Chicken Sandwich

First up, we have the Bo’s Chicken Sandwich. This sandwich is made with a juicy chicken breast fillet, crispy lettuce, and tangy pickles, all nestled between two toasted buns. It’s no surprise that this sandwich has quickly become a fan favorite. The chicken is always cooked to perfection and the sandwich is the perfect size for a satisfying meal.

Cajun Chicken Filet Biscuit

Next, we have the Cajun Chicken Filet Biscuit. This biscuit sandwich is a southern classic, featuring a tender chicken filet with a Cajun kick, nestled between a freshly baked biscuit. It’s a great option for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and the flavor is always spot-on.

8pc Chicken Meal

For those looking for a hearty meal, the 8pc Chicken Meal is a great choice. This meal comes with eight pieces of juicy chicken, two large sides, and four biscuits. It’s perfect for sharing with a group or for enjoying as leftovers.

3pc Leg & 2 Thighs

If you’re looking for a smaller meal, the 3pc Leg & 2 Thighs is a great option. This meal comes with three pieces of chicken, including two flavorful thighs, and one crispy leg. It’s a great choice for a quick lunch or dinner.

Cajun Chicken Filet Biscuit

Another popular biscuit sandwich is the Cajun Chicken Filet Biscuit. This sandwich is similar to the one mentioned earlier, but with a slightly different flavor profile. The Cajun seasoning adds a nice kick to the already flavorful chicken.

2pc Chicken Supremes Kids’ Meal

For kids, the 2pc Chicken Supremes Kids’ Meal is a great choice. This meal comes with two chicken supremes, a small side, a biscuit, and a drink. It’s the perfect size for kids and is sure to be a hit.

Bo-Tato Rounds®

If you’re looking for a side dish, the Bo-Tato Rounds® are a must-try. These crispy potato rounds are seasoned to perfection and make a great addition to any meal.

Bo-Berry Biscuit®

Finally, for dessert, the Bo-Berry Biscuit® is a popular choice. This biscuit is made with blueberries and is topped with a sweet glaze. It’s the perfect way to end any meal at Bojangles.

Overall, Bojangles has something for everyone, but these items are definitely some of the most popular on the menu. Whether you’re in the mood for a sandwich, a hearty meal, or a sweet treat, Bojangles has you covered. So next time you’re in the mood for some southern-style comfort food, be sure to check out these popular menu items.

FAQs on Bojangles Menu in USA

What are the opening hours of Bojangles in USA?

Bojangles restaurants are open from 6.30am to 10pm in USA.

What is the cheapest item on Bojangles menu in USA?

The cheapest item on Bojangles menu is Southern Gravy Biscuit for $3.99

What is the most expensive item on Bojangles menu in USA?

The most expensive item on Bojangles menu is the 8pc Chicken Box for $62.49

About Bojangles

The fast-food chain was founded in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1977 by Jack Fulk and Richard Thomas. The chain was named after the famous song “Mr. Bojangles” by Jerry Jeff Walker. The song was a favorite of the founders and they felt that it embodied the spirit of their new business.

Initially, Bojangles was known for its delicious biscuits and Southern-style sides, like dirty rice and Cajun fries. Over time, they expanded their menu to include a variety of chicken options, like the Cajun Chicken Filet Biscuit and the 8pc Chicken Meal. Today, Bojangles has over 700 locations across the Southeastern United States and is known for its bold flavors and classic Southern cuisine. They’ve come a long way since their humble beginnings, but they’ve managed to maintain their commitment to quality and flavor over the years.

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Alternatives to Bojangles in USA

While Bojangles is a great fast-food chain, it’s always nice to have some other options to switch things up. Here are some other great fast-food chains to check out.

  1. First up, we have Zaxby’s. Zaxby’s is a southern-style chicken chain that’s known for their delicious chicken fingers and wings. Their menu also includes salads, sandwiches, and a variety of sides. If you’re a fan of Bojangles’ chicken, you’ll definitely want to give Zaxby’s a try.
  2. Next, we have Popeyes. Popeyes is a Louisiana-style chicken chain that’s been around for over 45 years. They’re known for their crispy, juicy chicken and their signature sides, like red beans and rice and Cajun fries. If you’re looking for some bold flavors, Popeyes is definitely worth a visit.
  3. For those in the Southeast, Cook Out is a must-try. Cook Out is a regional chain that’s known for their burgers, hot dogs, and milkshakes. Their menu is extensive, with over 40 milkshake flavors to choose from. It’s a great place to grab a quick and satisfying meal.
  4. If you’re in the mood for some Mexican-inspired cuisine, Taco Bell is a great choice. Taco Bell is a fast-food chain that’s known for their tacos, burritos, and other Tex-Mex favorites. Their menu also includes vegetarian and vegan options, making it a great choice for those with dietary restrictions.
  5. Finally, we have Hardee’s. Hardee’s is a fast-food chain that’s been around for over 60 years. Their menu includes burgers, chicken sandwiches, and breakfast items, like biscuits and gravy. They also have a line of Charbroiled Burgers that are a great alternative to the traditional fast-food burger.

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