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Carrabba’s Menu & Prices in USA 2023

Carrabba’s Menu & Prices in USA

Carrabba’s Italian Grill is serving Italian food in USA since 1986 and here you can find all the items in their menu from pastas to steaks to seafood and their prices.

This menu and the prices are updated to match with the latest prices in USA as of October 4th, 2023.


Menu ItemPrice
Bread and Dipping Sauce Trio$4.79
Classics Combinations$15.49
Meatballs & Ricotta$7.79
Four-Cheese & Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms$8.79
Mozzarella Marinara$11.49
Zucchini Fritte$11.54
Cozze in Bianco$14.29
Shrimp Scampi$12.59


Menu ItemPrice
The Johnny Trio*$26.79
Carrabba’s Italian Classics Trio$26.79
Chicken Trio$30.29


Menu ItemPrice
Vegetable Ravioli$20.49
Linguine Pescatore$27.29
Rigatoni Martino$27.29
Linguine Positano$27.29
Shrimp and Scallop Linguine alla Vodka$25.79
Rigatoni Campagnolo$21.79
Fettuccine Carrabba$22.49

Chicken & More

Menu ItemPrice
Tuscan-Grilled Chicken$21.49
Chicken Piccata$24.79
Chicken Bryan$24.79
Chicken Marsala$24.79
Veal Marsala$27.29
Veal Piccata$26.49
Pollo Rosa Maria$24.79
Chicken Parmesan$24.79
Eggplant Parmesan$19.79

Steaks & Chops

Menu ItemPrice
Tuscan-Grilled Sirloin* 7 oz$22.99
Tuscan-Grilled Sirloin* 10 oz$27.29
Tuscan-Grilled Filet* 9 oz$33.99
Tuscan-Grilled Ribeye* 16oz$33.99
Tuscan-Grilled Pork Chop* – One Chop$21.79
Tuscan-Grilled Pork Chop* – Two Chops$25.29


Menu ItemPrice
Spiedino di Mare$26.79
Salmon Capperi$26.79
Simply Grilled Salmon$23.99
Mahi Wulfe$26.79
Simply Grilled Mahi$23.49

Family Bundles

Menu ItemPrice
Family Bundle Chicken Piccata$72.29
Family Bundle Lasagne$60.49
Family Bundle Spaghetti$47.29
Family Bundle Chicken Parmesan$72.29
Family Bundle Chicken Marsala$72.29
Family Bundle Salmon Capperi$66.99
Family Bundle Rigatoni Campagnolo$63.79
Family Bundle Penne Carrabba$72.29
Family Bundle Penne Alfredo$63.79


Menu ItemPrice
Cannoli Cake for Two**$12.99
Strawberry Cheesecake$10.49
Traditional Cannoli**$9.29

Soups and Salads

Menu ItemPrice
Italian Salad$14.79
Caesar Salad$14.79
House Salad$14.29
Side Italian Salad$7.79
Side Caesar Salad$7.79
Side House Salad$7.79
Soup of the Day – Cup$7.79
Soup of the Day – Bowl$8.29
Johnny Rocco Salad$7.79


Menu ItemPrice
Garlic Mashed Potatoes$4.79
Sauteed Broccoli$4.79
Grilled Asparagus$7.49
Fettuccine Alfredo$7.49
Penne Pomodoro$4.79
Parmesan Truffle Fries$5.99
French Fries$4.79
Sauteed Spinach$5.99

Kids Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Penne “Mac & Cheese”$6.49
Spaghetti and Meatball$7.49
Cheese Ravioli & Tomato Sauce$6.49
Chicken Fingers$7.49
Chicken Fingers$7.49
Grilled Chicken Breast$7.49


Menu ItemPrice
Cold Beverage$2.99
Flavored Tea$3.99
Flavored Lemonade$3.99
San Pellegrino (Sm. 500ml)$2

Winter Specials

Menu ItemPrice
Short Rib Marsala$30.79
Rigatoni Al Forno$27.29
Cannoli Cake for Two**$12.99

Most Popular items on Carrabba’s Menu

As an Italian food enthusiast, Carrabba’s Italian Grill is one of my go-to restaurants. Their menu is full of delicious options that are sure to satisfy any craving. If you’re planning a visit to Carrabba’s soon, here are some of the most popular items on their menu that you won’t want to miss.

Bread and Dipping Sauce Trio

Let’s start with the basics: the bread and dipping sauce at Carrabba’s are a must-try. The Bread and Dipping Sauce Trio features three different dipping sauces: olive oil and herbs, Alfredo, and marinara. The bread is freshly baked and served warm, making it the perfect way to start your meal.

The Johnny Trio

For those who love a good meatball, The Johnny Trio is a must-try. It features three meatballs served with ricotta and Romano cheese, topped with a rich tomato sauce. It’s a hearty and flavorful dish that is sure to satisfy.

Vegetable Ravioli

If you’re in the mood for something vegetarian, the Vegetable Ravioli is a great choice. It features spinach and ricotta-stuffed ravioli topped with a creamy tomato sauce and fresh basil. It’s a light and flavorful dish that is sure to please.

Tuscan-Grilled Chicken

For those who love grilled chicken, the Tuscan-Grilled Chicken is a great choice. It features a juicy chicken breast marinated in Carrabba’s signature grill seasoning and topped with a lemon-butter sauce. It’s a classic dish that is always a crowd-pleaser.

Spiedino di Mare

Seafood lovers will want to try the Spiedino di Mare. It features skewered shrimp and scallops topped with a lemon-butter sauce and served with a side of spaghetti. It’s a flavorful and satisfying dish that is sure to impress.

Family Bundle Chicken Piccata

If you’re looking for a meal to share with your family or friends, the Family Bundle Chicken Piccata is a great option. It includes a large salad, bread, and your choice of chicken piccata or chicken marsala, as well as a side dish and a dessert. It’s a great value and a delicious way to enjoy a meal together.

Cannoli Cake for Two

For dessert, the Cannoli Cake for Two is a must-try. It features layers of vanilla cake and cannoli filling, topped with whipped cream and chocolate chips. It’s a decadent and delicious dessert that is perfect for sharing.

Tuscan-Grilled Sirloin

Last but not least, the Tuscan-Grilled Sirloin is a great choice for meat-lovers. It features a juicy sirloin steak marinated in Carrabba’s signature grill seasoning and topped with a tomato-basil vinaigrette. It’s a flavorful and satisfying dish that is sure to impress.

Italian Salad

And if you’re looking for a lighter option, the Italian Salad is a great choice. It features mixed greens, tomatoes, Kalamata olives, and red onions, topped with Parmesan cheese and a lemon vinaigrette. It’s a fresh and flavorful way to start your meal.

FAQs on Carrabba’s Menu in USA

What are the opening hours of Carrabba’s in USA?

Carrabba’s restaurants are open from 4am to 10pm Monday to Thursday and 11am to 11pm Friday to Saturday and 11am to 9pm on Sunday in USA.

What is the cheapest item on Carrabba’s menu in USA?

The cheapest item on Carrabba’s menu is Sauteed Broccoli for $4.79

What is the most expensive item on Carrabba’s menu in USA?

The most expensive item on Carrabba’s menu is Family Bundle Chicken Piccata for $72.29

About Carrabba’s

Carrabba’s Italian Grill has a rich history that dates back to 1986 when two Sicilian-American cousins, Johnny Carrabba and Damian Mandola, opened their first restaurant in Houston, Texas. The restaurant was named after their family name, and the menu featured traditional Italian dishes with a modern twist. The restaurant quickly became a local favorite, and it wasn’t long before they began to expand.

Over the years, Carrabba’s has continued to grow and evolve. In 1993, they opened their first restaurant outside of Texas in Tampa, Florida, and by 1997 they had opened their 50th location. Today, there are over 200 Carrabba’s Italian Grill locations throughout the United States. Despite their growth, they have remained committed to their roots, and their menu still features many of the same dishes that made them popular in the first place. They have also continued to innovate, with new menu items and seasonal specials that keep customers coming back for more.

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Alternatives to Carrabba’s in USA

If you’re a fan of Italian cuisine but want to try something new, there are plenty of great alternatives to Carrabba’s Italian Grill. Here are some options to consider –

  1. Maggiano’s Little Italy – With a focus on classic Italian-American dishes made from scratch with fresh ingredients, Maggiano’s is a great choice for those who love hearty portions and traditional flavors. From pasta dishes to seafood, there is something for everyone on their menu.
  2. Romano’s Macaroni Grill – Another Italian-American chain, Romano’s Macaroni Grill offers a casual, family-friendly atmosphere and a diverse menu of pasta dishes, pizzas, and other Italian favorites. They also have a selection of wines and cocktails to pair with your meal.
  3. Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen – While not strictly an Italian restaurant, Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen offers a range of dishes inspired by various cuisines, including Italian. Their Chicken Alfredo is a popular choice, as is their Homemade Chicken Parmesan.
  4. BJ’s Restaurant – Known for their deep-dish pizzas and craft beers, BJ’s Restaurant also offers a range of Italian dishes, including pastas, salads, and sandwiches. They also have a gluten-free menu for those with dietary restrictions.
  5. Captain D’s – If you’re in the mood for seafood with an Italian twist, Captain D’s may be just what you’re looking for. Their Seafood Linguini Alfredo features shrimp, scallops, and langostino lobster in a creamy Alfredo sauce, while their Lobster Rolls put a seafood spin on a classic Italian sandwich.

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