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Hopdoddy Burger Bar Menu & Prices in USA 2023

Hopdoddy Burger Bar Menu & Prices in USA

Hopdoddy Burger Bar is serving fast food in the USA since 2010, and here you can find all the items on their menu from burgers to salads to milkshakes and their prices.

Hopdoddy Burger Bar Menu with Prices

This menu and the prices are updated to match with the latest prices in USA as of October 4th, 2023.

Featured Cocktails

Menu ItemPrice
House Frozen Margarita$10.2
Doble Fina Margarita$12.3


Menu ItemPrice
The Classic$10.5
Double Bacon Jam$12.9
Doddy Melt$16.2
Regen Royale$13.8
Goodnight/Good Cause$12.3
Mother Nature$16.75
The Primetime$18.6
El Diablo$11.7
Llano Poblano$12.6
Buffalo Bill$17.1

Gluten Free Burgers

Menu ItemPrice
GF- The Classic$12.6
GF- Thunderbird$15.25
GF – Regen Royale$15.9
GF- Goodnight/Good Cause$14.4
GF- Magic Shroom$14.7
GF- El Bandito Veggie$16.2
GF- Buffalo Bill$19.2
GF- Llano Poblano$14.7
GF- El Diablo$13.8
GF – Continental Club$16.2

Fried Chicken

Menu ItemPrice
Crispy Chicken Tenders$14.1
Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich$13.8


Menu ItemPrice
Hand Cut Chipperbec Fries$4.75
Parmesan Truffle Fries$10.5
Sweet Potato Fries$5.95
Green Chile Queso Fries$9.9
Nacho Fries$11.4
Hot Honey & Sage Fries$11.1
BBQ Ranch Fries$9
Buffalo Fries$9.55

Loaded Brussel Sprouts

Menu ItemPrice
Parmesan Truffle Brussels$11.7
Hot Honey & Sage Brussels$12.3
Green Chile Queso Brussels$11.1
BBQ Ranch Brussels$10.2
Buffalo Brussels$10.75

Salads & Bowls

Menu ItemPrice
Thunderbird as a Bowl$14.35
Kale Caesar Salad$8.7
Nashville Chicken as a Bowl$15
Double Bacon Jam as a Bowl$14.1
El Diablo as a Bowl$12.9
Magic Shroom as a Bowl$13.8
Llano Poblano as a Bowl$13.8
El Bandito Veggie as a Bowl$15.3
Goodnight as a Bowl$13.5
The Roosevelt Bowl$18.3
Ahi Tuna as a Bowl$18.6
Mother Nature as a Bowl$17.95


Menu ItemPrice
OREO Cookies N’ Cream Shake$4.65
Candy Bar Shake$4.65
Salted Caramel Shake$4.65
Chocolate Shake$3.6
Strawberry Shake$3.6
Churro Shake$4.65
Nutella Chocolate Pretzel Shake$4.65
Vanilla Shake$3.6

Boozy Shakes

Menu ItemPrice
BOOZY Oreo Cookies N’ Cream Shake$11.95
BOOZY Nutella Chocolate Pretzel Shake$11.95
BOOZY Salted Caramel Shake$11.95
BOOZY Bourbon Candy Bar Shake$11.95
BOOZY Chocolate Shake$11.1
BOOZY Vanilla Shake$11.1
BOOZY Strawberry Shake$11.1

Kid’s Meals

Menu ItemPrice
Kid’s Burger Meal$9.1
Kid’s Chicken Tenders Meal$9.9
Kid’s Grilled Cheese Meal$8.7

Soda, Tea, Water

Menu ItemPrice
Fountain Sodas$3.6
Iced Tea$3.9
Bottled Water$4.2
Sparkling Water$3.6

To Go Bar

Menu ItemPrice
Big House Margarita$12.6
Texas Sling$12.6
Big Larry$12.3
House Frozen Margarita$10.2
Doble Fina Margarita$12.3
The Roadie – Original$39.55
Strawberry Margarita$11.4
Coors Light$5.4
Shiner Bock$5.7
Lone Star$5.4
Skinny Dip$14.1
The Roadie – Grande Lorenzo$45.55

Bottled Hop Sauces

Menu ItemPrice
Yay!Oli Chipotle Aioli$9.3
Bottled Truffle Aioli$9.9
Bottled Chipotle Ketchup$9
Bottled Horseradish Honey Mustard$9
Bottled Doddy Mayo$9

Most Popular items on Hopdoddy Burger Bar Menu

If you’re a burger enthusiast there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Hopdoddy Burger Bar. Known for their creative, mouthwatering offerings and commitment to using high-quality, locally sourced ingredients, Hopdoddy has gained a devoted following.

To help you navigate their tasty menu, we’re going to explore the seven most popular items on Hopdoddy Burger Bar’s menu in the USA.

The Classic Burger

At Hopdoddy, they believe that a classic should be done right, and their Classic Burger is no exception. This fan-favorite features a juicy Angus beef patty, red leaf lettuce, beefsteak tomato, sliced red onion, and the signature Sassy Sauce. Simple yet packed with flavor, it’s the perfect option for those who appreciate the beauty of a traditional burger.

2. El Diablo Burger

If you’re in the mood for something with a spicy kick, the El Diablo Burger is the way to go. This fiery creation includes an Angus beef patty, pepper jack cheese, habanero and serrano chiles, caramelized onions, salsa, and a chipotle aioli. It’s a flavorful journey for your taste buds, and not for the faint of heart!

Magic Shroom Burger

Vegetarians rejoice, as Hopdoddy caters to your tastes as well. The Magic Shroom Burger is a delightful veggie burger made with a house-made patty consisting of cremini mushrooms, basil pesto, mayo, goat cheese, and a balsamic drizzle. It’s a rich and satisfying option for those seeking a meatless alternative.

The Goodnight Burger

For those who can’t resist breakfast any time of day, the Goodnight Burger offers a tempting combination of flavors. It boasts a delectable pairing of a hickory-smoked Angus beef patty, Tillamook cheddar, hickory barbecue sauce, caramelized onions, jalapeños, and a fried egg. It’s a burger that’s perfect for satisfying your sweet and savory cravings.

Ahi Tuna Burger

Hopdoddy’s Ahi Tuna Burger brings a taste of the sea to the heart of the burger world. This refreshing option includes sushi-grade ahi tuna seared to perfection, paired with teriyaki, honey wasabi, pickled ginger, and sprouts. If you’re looking for something lighter and unique, this burger will not disappoint.

Greek Salad

If you’re not in the mood for a burger but still want to enjoy the ambiance at Hopdoddy, their Greek Salad is a great choice. This refreshing salad is made with crisp romaine lettuce, cucumbers, red onion, kalamata olives, tomatoes, feta cheese, and a delicious Greek vinaigrette. It’s a delightful and healthier alternative.

Nutella and Chocolate Pretzel Shake

To cap off your meal, don’t forget to explore Hopdoddy’s indulgent shake menu. The Nutella and Chocolate Pretzel Shake is a dessert lover’s dream. This creamy concoction blends Nutella and chocolate with a salty pretzel rim, creating a delightful combination of sweet and salty flavors that will leave you craving for more.

FAQs on Hopdoddy Burger Bar Menu in USA

What is Hopdoddy Burger Bar known for?

Hopdoddy Burger Bar is renowned for its gourmet burgers made from high-quality, responsibly sourced ingredients. They are also known for their inventive and creative menu offerings.

Are there vegetarian or vegan options available at Hopdoddy?

Yes, Hopdoddy offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan options, including veggie burgers, salads, and creative plant-based menu items. They aim to cater to a wide range of dietary preferences.

Does Hopdoddy use locally sourced ingredients?

Yes, Hopdoddy places a strong emphasis on using locally sourced and sustainable ingredients whenever possible. They strive to support local farmers and producers to provide fresh and quality ingredients.

About Hopdoddy Burger Bar

Hopdoddy Burger Bar, a beloved American burger chain, originated in 2010 when a group of passionate restaurateurs and foodies came together with a shared vision: to create an exceptional burger experience using high-quality ingredients. The founders aimed to provide a fresh take on the classic American burger by crafting gourmet creations with a focus on sustainability.

The name “Hopdoddy” was inspired by the idea of hops for beer and doddy, an old Scottish word for cattle, reflecting their commitment to using responsibly sourced beef and a well-rounded menu that caters to all tastes. Starting with a single location in Austin, Texas, Hopdoddy quickly gained a reputation for its commitment to quality, innovative flavors, and a welcoming, lively atmosphere.

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